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Edison Interactive’s customer experience technology helps brands generate revenue through engaging content and unique advertising opportunities.

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Global Capabilities
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Exclusive advertising placements for captive audiences

Entirely customized experiences and access to coveted audiences through our digital out-of-home solutions.

Coors Tablet

Truly unique inventory

High-quality, scalable inventory that is flexible, versatile and the optimal option for all brands, regardless of industry.

Fraud-free advertising

Passenger Verification technology eliminates one of the largest problems facing programmatic platforms: fraud. We ensure your customers are protected.

High engagement

Fully-interactive, digital touch screens encourage high engagement. Elevate your brand experience with interactive games, surveys, sign-ups and more.

Robust reporting capabilities

In-depth reporting and advanced analytics provide insights on campaign activities and performance on a minute by minute basis.

Geo-fencing capabilities

Advanced geofencing capabilities, with the option to advertise in one or more assigned zones. Segmentation functionality provides equal opportunities for both local and global brands.

100% Viewability

Ads are guaranteed to be viewable at all times.

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Our team will run a discovery phase for you to prioritize what screen networks make the most sense for your business. We’ll help handle everything from design to implementation to tracking and analytics.

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