Technology never tasted so good

Chef Artie is an innovative foodie experience combining technology and state-of-the-art kiosks to deliver engaging customer experiences with lasting impressions.

Powerful technology enables businesses to effortlessly serve customers through unattended hot and cold kiosks. The result is immediate satisfaction and an unbeatable customer experience.

  • 50” touchscreen displays
  • Digital menus
  • Item customization
  • Payments
  • Advertisements and product demos
  • Order progress tracking
  • Seamless checkout with mobile receipts
  • Touchless ordering with mobile apps

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

The online web portal allows for easy management and remote monitoring of the kiosks. Understand your business and the overall health of the kiosk from one simple dashboard that allows you to check inventory, run reports, update menu items and more.

Real-time inventory

Notifications and alerts

Sales data and analytics


Maintenance and performance

OTA updates

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