We build technology that connects
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in more impactful ways.

Interactive customer experience– software design, development & analytics

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At Edison, we approach software as a service (SaaS) differently. We build IoT (Internet of Things) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions that personalize the customer experience.

Our business to business (B2B) digital solutions span across multiple industries. From rideshares, rental cars and recreational vehicles to airlines, fan engagement platforms and digital signage, we do it all. We pair custom technology with unparalleled content options to create long-lasting and memorable customer experiences.

Our core services

Our strengths in design, development and analytics provide solutions to enhance the customer experience with robust intelligent insights and opportunities to create ancillary revenue streams.

UX Design

Custom, tailored experiences you can iterate on with the end-user always in mind

Product Design

Adaptive, informed design drives value to your platform and product

Machine Learning & AI

Scalable solutions that improve with time and use


Gain valuable insights and understand your product’s performance


Include advertising on your platform for an additional revenue stream

AWS & Infrastructure

Continuous integration and deployment that leverage cloud technologies

Operations Support

Staging, kitting, device deployment, tracking and more


Expert developers deliver powerful, functional applications that bring your vision to life

Success stories from leading brands around the world

Edison Interactive is industry and device-agnostic, enabling any brand to reach and engage customers with sophisticated, smart technology.

Our Technology Solutions

We are the platform behind thousands of digital screens and can manage every aspect of the platform. We provide solutions for Android, iOS, web, digital signage, kiosks, and more.

40,000+ Devices on our Platform

110+ Premium Content Providers

Multi-Screen, Device Agnostic Technology

Global Footprint

Billions of Ad Impressions Annually

Why advertisers love us

Edison’s digital out-of-home solutions offer unique advertising opportunities. With exclusive advertising placements, brands can reach coveted audiences and generate revenue through engaging content.

  • Captive Audiences
  • Premium and Engaging Content
  • 100% Viewability
  • Transparent, Real-Time Reporting

Ready to elevate your customer experience?

Our team will run a design and discovery phase for you to prioritize features, define user journeys, design application infrastructure and outline a project plan – everything needed for a successful project start.

Discover how we can help enhance and manage your screen network.

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