A Digital E-Waste Management Solution

This automated solution to e-waste management eliminates manual processes and administrative overhead. The result is a more effective and efficient way of managing e-waste, decreasing logistics and costs, and reducing environmental impact

A Platform Customers and Vendors Can Agree On

RGX is the first fully automated, end-to-end solution to e-waste management that allows customers and vendors to manage all e-waste transactions in one easy-to-use platform. Packed with usability features, RGX makes e-waste management easier for customers and vendors alike.

Platform Features

Documentation and record storage

Compliance Tracking


Two-way financial processing

Job Posting, bidding, and management

Data warehousing

Encrypted Security

Customer & vendor profile management

RGX Admin Panel

Developed specifically for RGX, the internal RGX Admin Panel enables seamless end-to-end management across all user accounts. The Admin Panel features enhanced reporting and dashboards; providing snapshot views of the business, historical data, total open/closed/pending jobs and outlines environmental impact in one easy-to-use web portal.

Our E-Waste Management Solutions Portal Includes
  • Customer/vendor oversight
  • Transaction reviews
  • Payment management

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