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12 Things Leaders Can Do to Strengthen One-on-One Meetings

October 14, 2021

One-on-one meetings between leaders and team members are an unavoidable part of a job. Whether it’s a weekly check-in or a performance review, one-on-one meetings must occur for both employees and leaders to grow.

A panel of Business Journals Leadership Trust members, including CRO & Co-Founder of Edison
Interactive Nick Stanitz-Harper, offer their expertise on how to strengthen one-on-one meetings.

Check In, Both Personally and Professionally

Nick believes the worst thing to do as a leader in a one-on-one meeting is to only ask what is on the to-do list. Instead, leaders need to be checking in on how their staff is doing both personally and professionally, discuss priorities and ask if anything needs clarification or if there is anything you can assist them with.

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How to Strengthen One-on-One Meetings