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Benefits of Video Conferencing in Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

June 4, 2020

The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic forced businesses to rethink their strategy and think of creative ways to operate under these challenging conditions. As a result, more people working from home, and the rise of business video conferencing continues to increase.

In fact, the growth of video conferencing has been on the rise for the past ten years and will continue to do so in the unforeseeable future as more and more companies realize the benefits of video conferencing in business. Currently, 58% percent of businesses use video conferencing on a regular basis, having it as part of their daily operations.

There are many benefits of video conferencing in business and organizations are utilizing video conferencing in their regular operations. On an average basis each week, 55 million businesses are using video conferences in the United States. That’s an astounding number of people meeting face-to-face (online).

What are the benefits of video conferencing in business?

  • Productivity.

    • Businesses have reported an increase in productivity when using video conferencing.

  • Saves Time.

    • Companies and other types of organizations have noted they are saving time by not commuting. Businesses can cut travel costs up to 30% when using video conferencing.

  • Employee Retention.

    • It has been reported that companies that utilize remote working systems are 25% less likely to experience employee turnover.

Beyond just holding meetings, video conferencing is a tool for connecting to customers, fans, employees, friends, family, etc. It’s an innovative way to stay connected in a more meaningful way, and businesses are adopting different ways to connect to those that matter the most through DOOH technology.

Fitness and Yoga instructors benefit from using EdisonLive.

Edison Live for Your Business Video Conferencing Needs

EdisonLive is a business video conferencing platform built by our team of talented developers. It was initially built for Edison’s internal use. However, the company decided to launch the platform to the public to help people stay connected and enable businesses to generate revenue. The platform is available for everyone and anyone, and it’s free.

Here are some ways businesses are using EdisonLive:

  • One-on-One Meetings. The platform can be used to conduct interviews, project meetings, performance reviews, etc.

  • Team Meetings. Companies are using EdisonLive to conduct reviews, check-in meetings, hiring meetings and company updates.

  • Education. Companies and organizations like colleges and universities, are using the platform for training, courses, educating employees on procedures, policies and more.

  • Generate Revenue. Businesses are generating. For example, a chef may host a cooking class, or a yoga instructor might offer public or private sessions to clientele. With the support features on EdisonLive, businesses are getting more creative connecting to their customer base while increasing cash flow.

  • Sales Presentations. Screen share enables you to present your content in various formats. You can also personalize the content area to showcase your work using EdisonLive.

Business Video Conferencing Benefits Everyone

Not only do businesses benefit from using video conferencing, but employees are also more engaged, customers are happier, and family and friends are excited to see you more often.

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