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Captivate Partnership from the DailyDOOH

August 21, 2020
Author: Adrian J. Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief at the DailyDOOH

Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video office network, today announced the launch of a strategic partnership with Edison Interactive and Shark Experience presented by Verizon (you can see our earlier story about this partnership here).

Greg Norman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Greg Norman Company told us “Shark Experience has seen tremendous growth since launching in March of 2018 and we are excited to fully utilize the platform by providing unique opportunities for brands to engage with customers. Captivate will be an excellent partner as they bring best in class advertisers to our golf courses nationwide.”

Captivate will serve as the exclusive third-party sales representation for Shark Experience inventory – advertisers will now have the ability to engage a similar audience across two captive environments in turnkey fashion. This provides a competitive advantage for brands to influence purchasing decisions across Captivate’s 10,000 elevator and lobby screens as well as Shark Experience’s 23,000 connected golf carts.

Marc Kidd, Chief Executive Officer at Captivate said “Captivate is committed to providing brands the opportunity to reach an affluent, professional audience wherever they work, live or play. The partnership with Shark Experience and Edison Interactive allows us to extend beyond the traditional office environment, connecting advertisers to the modern professional at moments of play.”

Captivate continues to provide advertisers with new and relevant ways to reach their audiences. The partnership between Edison Interactive and Shark Experience presented by Verizon enables brands to connect with new consumers and further expand their footprint. Captivate is also working with Verizon Media to bring collective opportunities to advertisers and expand their access points to Shark Experience inventory.