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Edison Interactive is building an Innovative Team Culture to Match it’s Innovative Product

June 26, 2023

A known disruptor of the Tech Industry, Edison Interactive is also an instigator of change in the workplace. The company is running ahead of the curve by implementing innovative Employee Performance Programs to emphasize the importance of Team Culture. With a product predicted to evolve rapidly and soar to the forefront of its market, the team has anticipated the need for a company culture that is primed to adapt at a parallel rate. 

In January of 2023, Edison took a leap forward when they signed on a full-time Performance and Culture Director to implement in-office sessions to elevate the pulse of the team. This strategy is far and away from your conventional HR routine. Gone are the days of applying one-size-doesn’t-fit-all blanket solutions, passively mopping-up recurring issues, or focusing resources on homogeny and compliance that drive out dissenting innovators. This progressive wellness initiative utilizes group workshops, individual career development, and personal support to optimize mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and relational health. 

Edison’s Performance and Culture Director is a Cognitive Health and Human Behavior Specialist, providing Holistic Therapies for professional challenges. This contemporary approach is rooted in CBT, Organizational Psychology, and Self-Narrative work. The content targets common issues that obstruct work performance and personal health like nervous system dysregulation, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, ego projections, fear stories, the subjective lens, and inefficient daily habits.

Beyond the individual, the Enrichment Program focuses on the health of the team to construct a high-functioning unit. Vulnerable conversations about shared human struggles like people pleasing, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt create a level of trust, safety, and connection that supports mental health by eliminating the notion that we are alone with our problems. This initiative builds communication systems and structures that offer certainty, clarity, transparency, and direction that allows each person to thrive in their role. The community and trust within an organization is the ultimate driver of behavior, and sends team performance through the roof.

Don’t be mistaken, these tactics aren’t about jumping on trends, or shiny optics that bait-and-switch next-gen talent. Investing in sustainable, bottom-up, whole-human wellness is a business-savvy advantage. “Companies with a thriving culture grew 682% over a 10 year period, compared to the average company with a lacking culture, which only grew by 166%”. [Wellable]. Humans who are feeling connected, seen, inspired, supported, and healthy, can sustain function at their full potential and consistently offer their best to the team. One can only imagine how optimizing every individual on a team will skyrocket company success.

Speaking of forward-thinking, the very last of the Baby Boomer generation will begin to retire in as few as 3 years, at age 62. As we phase out of a Boomer-dominated workforce, we will shift into a majority of Gen-X, Millennial, and Gen-Z workers who will require their employers to prioritize empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and comprehensive well-being. When this transition occurs, traditionally-minded organizations will only just begin to rebuild their culture from scratch, falling years behind the demand. Companies like Edison will already have a polished system of empowering practices to attract and retain the new wave of the best and brightest talent–a massive factor in revenue growth.

Edison is cultivating an organizational atmosphere that is set to match the lightning-fast future of the tech landscape and societal norms. Many companies will lose years of critical production time while they disassemble, adjust, and rebuild to meet shifting cultural standards as their competitors fly by. Edison’s proactive vision puts their machine at full speed, with their team able to hit the belt at a sprint.