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Edison Interactive Partners With HarperDB To Deliver Premier Digital Out-Of-Home Content With Zero Latency

August 31, 2022

DENVER (August 30, 2022) – Today Edison Interactive (EI), the leader in connected device ecosystems, announced its platform’s content is now faster with nearly no latency thanks to a collaboration with distributed database platform HarperDB. This partnership enables EI to deliver its premium content to customers in hard-to-reach places with a reduced API call latency of ten milliseconds, a fraction of the previous time. 

HarperDB’s decentralized database capabilities have been especially compelling in the case of EI’s work on Shark Experience presented by Verizon, a product equipping golf carts with digital displays exclusively available through Club Car. The platform offers music streaming, live sports tickers, dynamic yardage, and other infotainment to golfers throughout their round. With many golf courses in remote locations, reliable connectivity can be a challenge, ultimately limiting a course’s ability to enable live content streaming. Now, thanks to Edison’s incorporation of the HarperDB framework, Shark Experience enables courses and golfers everywhere to enjoy premium content without any latency issues.

“Our technology is built to address the unique and specific challenges of our customers while also enhancing the end-user experience. Leveraging HarperDB’s framework and shifting our platform to the MEC has enabled us to more rapidly deploy our technology and take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver more customized content,” said Nick Stanitz-Harper, CRO and co-founder, Edison Interactive. “We’ve made a commitment to our partners to provide best-in-class solutions that not only deliver premium content but do so by utilizing the most advanced technology and our partnership with HarperDB enables us to do just that.”

The Edison Platform is an end-to-end content management system with a suite of tools that allow customers to create interfaces and manage their entire network of screens while also serving unique content. The collaboration with HarperDB has increased API call speeds by 250x and has drastically helped to optimize load times, increase security and deliver a better end-user experience. 

“Modern digital media requires dynamic content optimized by machine learning, intuitive interfaces driven by user behavior, and powerful networks delivering near-zero latency. EI and HarperDB are leveraging MEC to deliver real-time custom experiences anywhere. We’re excited to see where this technology is used next,” said HarperDB CEO Stephen Goldberg.

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About Edison Interactive

Edison Interactive (EI) is a leading out-of-home (OOH) content management system (CMS) for connected devices in golf carts, rental vehicles, hotel rooms and more. Focused on digitally transforming the customer experience, EI is known for its vast network of premium displays, digital signage and infotainment solutions. The EI  platform delivers valuable back-end insights and management capabilities for businesses while providing end-users with meaningful content and features that can be monetized. With a predominantly Fortune 500 client base, including Verizon Wireless, Avis Budget Group and Yahoo!, EI was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

About HarperDB
HarperDB’s integrated application + data platform is orders of magnitude faster and more flexible than last-generation alternatives. Easily replace SQL and NoSQL databases for cloud, edge, on-prem, peer-to-peer, and multi-deployment use cases. From validating an idea to delivering global scale, HarperDB grows with your application, and saves you time and money every step of the way. Learn more at