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How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Solution

May 18, 2020

Video conference systems have enabled many businesses to continue to operate by allowing employees to work from home, using a video conference solution for meetings and updates, as well as general communication with customers. This advanced technology has become important for all types and sizes of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Video Conference Solution: What you Need

A video conference system on the market that fits all your needs can be difficult. Choosing the best platform for your type of business can be a large undertaking. We have provided information to consider when choosing the best video conferencing solution for your specific needs. 

Video Conference System Factors:


A video conferencing system should be easy to use for not only the moderator but also the participant. Software-based solutions often delay the start of meetings due to software updates or downloads. With EdisonLive, downloads are never required because the platform is web-based. Additionally, participants can easily access meetings with a simple one-click entry—no account is required for participants. Lastly, the video conference solution must be secure with easy access to controls 


Depending on your business objectives, using a video conferencing solution can help with communicating to customers and employees in addition to much-needed revenue. With EdisonLive, the features are unique to help businesses achieve their financial goals. Some of the features include: 

  • Link to e-commerce sites or payment platforms sites
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Record meetings
  • Stream directly to YouTube Live
  • Play YouTube videos directly in meeting

Businesses can also customize the in-meeting content area which enables them to share agendas and important updates. When searching for the ideal video conferencing system, the key features can make or break a decision with moving forward with a platform. 


Many of the video conferencing platforms offer their service at no-cost. However, there may be hidden fees to launch certain features. Some may charge for the number of participants, meetings or length of time and require a credit card upfront. It’s important to have these questions answered before using the service. There’s not a credit card required to use EdisonLive. It’s free for anyone and everyone, and includes all the features mentioned in this article. 

Choose the Right Video Conference System

Choosing the best video conferencing solution can be beneficial for your business objectives and goals. It should be an asset for your business and not a convoluted solution. When making a decision on a video conferencing system, consider EdisonLive. It’s free, uncomplicated and has all the features that are valuable to your business. To learn more about getting started, visit: 

How Edison Interactive can Help with Video Conferencing Systems

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