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Jeremy Ostermiller on Mirror Review: Redefining Software Development Landscape With Keenness And Vision

February 16, 2022

Edison Interactive CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Ostermiller was recently featured in Mirror Review, sharing his entrepreneurial journey and how Edison is thriving amidst challenges and pioneering the future of interactive software and connected devices.

The software development industry has emerged as one of the major anchors of economic development in the 21st century. The rise of various technologies in the market has resulted in the demand for agile entrepreneurs and leaders to leverage the available benefits and opportunities. Entrepreneurs need to be creative, risk-takers, and optimistic. Moreover, due to digitalization and the advent of new technologies, it is equally important to stay ahead of the game and be flexible to make changes at any given moment.

“Edison is profoundly committed to constantly evolving and redefining the meaning of digital experience. With unparalleled, innovative technology solutions that stand the test of time, Edison holds a different approach towards software and builds IoT and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions—personalizing the customer experience. Jeremy possesses a keen ability to introduce strategy and vision to underserved markets. Moreover, he also steers success with launching companies into a media-driven world. Being at the helm of Edison, Jeremy is focused on expanding it into new verticals.”

Read the full article on Mirror Review here.

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