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March 2, 2023

A serial entrepreneur, David is a deal-maker mastermind and largely focuses on capital investments and ABL secured investment turnarounds. David has extensive experience running a number of organizations and companies. As the previous CEO for both GPS Industries and ParView Inc, he oversaw day-to-day operations in addition to raising capital and focusing on strategic partnerships. He is the recipient of the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award as well as the Young Entrepreneur Award for the state of Florida by the Small Business Administration.

David has continued to expand his investment portfolio, from real estate to company investments of all sizes, he brings a wealth of knowledge and unprecedented business acumen to the table. David currently serves as the Chief Investment Partner for the Great White Shark Opportunity Fund, in which he partners with Greg Norman, to invest in opportunistic organizations and startups, and is the Managing Director for J. Alexis Investments, LLC.