Revolutionizing the Game of Golf with Shark Experience

By leveraging Verizon’s world-class connectivity, more than 35,000 golf cars across the nation are equipped with high-definition, touchscreen displays. Exclusive to Club Car, Shark Experience presented by Verizon has built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity and premium content, alongside other popular golf technology features.


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Shark Experience

Shark Experience Golf Technology Features:

  • Dynamic GPS yardage
  • Interactive scorecard
  • Hole flyovers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Music streaming
  • Live sports and highlights
  • Yahoo News, Sports and Finance
  • Greg Norman golf tips

The Shark Experience Admin Panel

The Shark Experience Admin Panel is a white-labeled version of Edison’s content delivery and device management platform. The golf technology platform enables full control over golf cart fleets, allows real-time data tracking and remote screen management.

  • Track total rounds played
  • Remote cart control
  • GPS cart locations
  • Food and beverage order management
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Network health and screen diagnostics
Greg Norman

Delivering Superior Golf Technology with Shark Experience

“We promised an ever-evolving platform when we launched in early 2018 and the addition of Edison Interactive to the team proves our commitment to delivering a superior product that elevates the customer experience. At the mid-year mark, we are thrilled to share new programming and content based on market feedback as well as enhanced entertainment options for the golfer and new revenue streams for golf course operators.”

– Legendary golf pro, Greg Norman


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Our team will run a design and discovery phase for you to prioritize golf technology features, define user journeys, design application infrastructure and outline a project plan – everything needed for a successful project start with Shark Experience.

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