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Cloud-Managed Digital Signage: Attract More Qualified Leads

August 23, 2022

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Cloud-managed digital signage delivers devices that increase conversions in advertising and further monetize service offerings. If your business is looking for ways to get more out of advertising, boost revenue, and improve customer experience, it may be a critical next step for ongoing growth.

What is Cloud-Managed Digital Signage?

What is cloud-managed digital signage? Cloud-managed digital signage refers to the software and devices that businesses use to display and sell products and services. They deliver tech-driven customer experiences and enable easy digital-out-of-home advertising solutions. In turn, they increase revenue through marketing directly on their devices to their customers. Now, more and more businesses opt for cloud-based digital signage solutions to increase conversions. Discover how they do it below.

How Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solutions Increase Conversions

Cloud-based digital signage solutions deliver a form of digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Over time, other forms of digital advertising, like social media and banner advertising, have become oversaturated in the market. People are so used to seeing this content that they hardly notice it. That doesn’t even factor in the audience members who install dedicated ad blockers, so they don’t see any advertising on their personal device.

Digital-out-of-home advertising statistics and trends continue to show the power of this form of advertising. Displaying content on DOOH technology draws the attention of users differently. When they voluntarily interact with a branded device or display, there is typically a stronger sense of novelty and interest. Businesses who invest in this technology can not only monetize displays through syndicated content, but also advertise their own products and services. Plus, with more control over the content you deploy, there is more room for optimization and advanced targeting. According to ExchangeWire,

“A key trend for 2022 is the acceleration of programmatic adoption within DOOH, driven by increased supply, the resurgence of contextual targeting and inclusion alongside other digital channels – thanks to the innovations in DOOH tools within DSPs. Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) is also going to enhance the benefits of programmatic DOOH, as data-driven targeting combined with the ability to deliver and optimise campaigns with contextually relevant ads will drive huge value for marketers.”

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Monetization Features of Cloud-Managed Digital Signage

Ultimately, these devices pose more opportunity to increase revenue for your business – while delivering value through interactive technology. See how you can boost conversions and further monetize your business with cloud-based digital signage solutions below:

Syndicated Premium Content

Run relevant advertising for your users to make the most of your new digital space. Edison Interactive connects our partners with premium syndicated content so you can utilize pre-sold advertising campaigns and immediately monetize your platform. This instantly introduces a new stream of income to those that install our devices. Plus, from a customer experience perspective, you can customize the layout of your screens to ensure ads display unobtrusively.

Inventory Management

Our connected TV inventory allows your business to manage and monetize advertising content easily through a central admin panel. Use intuitive tools to implement advertising opportunities on your branded devices and increase revenue. Whether you want to leverage fleet management software or hospitality management platforms, you can deliver content to predetermined audiences within a specific geographic range with personalized experiences. You can also build and schedule campaigns in advance to get ahead and target the right viewers at the right time. According to Advertising Week,

“Programmatic pricing models are flexible and give brands the power to increase or decrease ad spend, adjust campaign parameters, or even pause campaigns altogether in response to external changes, all in real-time. In the traditional OOH model, campaigns were bought weeks and often months in advance. This increased ability to optimize and alter flighting and delivery in real-time has been widely embraced by the market and allows DOOH to be more reactive as a partner to other media channels.”

Scalable Architecture

Ultimately, these devices enable serious growth for businesses and deliver measurable results. Fortunately, as your business grows, your technology can grow right alongside it with our scalable CMS (content management system) architecture. Regardless of how large your business becomes, your admin panel can accommodate that ever-evolving space – with an infinite number of devices across any geographic region. Investing in technology that scales with your business is the best way to futureproof your customer experience and marketing model.

Detailed Customer Analytics

Get real-time insights into how your campaigns perform. With detailed customer analytics, you can review stats on your advertising and make adjustments and optimizations to improve engagement and take your marketing to the next level. See what your audience interacts with most and create similar content that converts with these detailed insights. Our admin display shows your marketing team key performance indicators and real-time data on what people do when your advertisement appears. According to ExchangeWire,

“Whether through offering real-time KPIs of audience impressions or developing drive-to-store or drive-to-website measurement tools, OOH is becoming more measurable, offering marketers solutions across the whole media buying process, from media planning, creative optimisation, campaign performance measurement, and ROI evaluation.”

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Automated Yield Optimization

Running a campaign that’s not getting the results you needed? Edison’s technology solutions deliver data-driven yield optimizations that automatically adjust and optimize campaigns to increase return on investment and better reach audiences. It ensures that your content gets the attention and engagement required to convert your users. Marketers can hone-in on the ideal strategies to bring in more business.

Monetization Made Easy with Cloud Managed Digital Signage

All these features are built into a single, cloud-based admin panel that allows for easy oversight and management of your campaigns. Overall, adding this technology to your marketing mix provides a wide variety of opportunities to boost revenue for your business while providing engaging, interactive content for your users. With this competitive edge, your team has the tools to optimize customer experiences and improve brand recognition.

On top of that, digital signage software allows your business to deliver services more efficiently in a digital environment. Connecting with your customers and providing additional value through interactive technology can transform the capabilities of your marketing and bring your brand into the future.

Customize Your Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solutions Today

Could your business stand to benefit from cloud-based digital signage solutions? More and more brands are turning to DOOH technology to take their advertising and sales to the next level and engage more customers. Edison Interactive can help you customize technology that uniquely supports your customers and increases conversions. Contact us today to discuss how we can boost sales through cloud-managed digital signage.