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Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Statistics & Trends

October 28, 2021

digital out of home advertising trendsDigital-out-of-home advertising trends are constantly changing and evolving. With the swift rise of digital-out-of-home media, businesses see an opportunity to transform their targeted marketing strategies in 2021 and 2022. There are several reasons DOOH is experiencing growth within the out-of-home (OOH) sector. When done right, it is more eye-catching, more interactive, and more measurable than other OOH options. 

What is Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Digital-out-of-home advertising is digital advertising viewed beyond your personal computer and smartphone. It typically looks like digital billboards, signages, and digital place-based networks. While OOH is traditionally viewed as a top-of-funnel opportunity, innovations within DOOH make targeting specific consumers possible. With the help of interactive software, companies and advertisers can create and optimize dynamically displayed content in highly visible areas to reach the right people at the right time. See some of the latest digital-out-of-home advertising trends and statistics below. 

2021 Digital-Out-Of-Home Trends

Precise Targeting 

In the past, OOH advertising was a game of numbers. The goal was primarily to identify and leverage a location that got a lot of attention. While regional demographics and values were important, it was mostly about getting a message to the masses. An image with copy on a billboard or sign can go a long way – but more targeted content goes a lot further. Along with better targeting, there is also better tracking of consumer analytics. This provides insights into how people interact with the ads and creates opportunities to hone in on the right audiences with the right message. 

Better Budgetingdigital out of home statistics

Because targeted content is becoming the norm within DOOH advertising, advertisers are also empowered to optimize advertising budgets with more data. High traffic displays are among the most expensive forms of advertising. In the past, businesses had to utilize trial-and-error methods of testing, which quickly devoured limited marketing budgets.

With real-time insights into your ad’s performance, there is so much more room for optimization. If something isn’t landing, it can be quickly changed and rearranged to better serve your audience and improve results. With more power comes less wasted time and of course, less wasted money. Room in your business’ budget leaves space to reach more people in the future.

Meaningful Interactive Content

Effective targeting is nothing without creative content that converts. While a lot of things are changing drastically within the industry, the need for quality remains the same. Luckily, DOOH media allows advertisers to inject more variety and exciting content within a single display. 

With interactive features like games and QR codes, viewers have something to do immediately – leading to stronger impressions and a higher likelihood of conversion. Additions like this are at the cutting-edge of outdoor advertising and hold a lot of potential for businesses that seek outside-the-box ways to reach their potential customers. With the right platform, an OOH message can make a bigger impact and stick with the audience for a longer amount of time. This resonance has largely been the case for media like billboards and signage, but the impact actually increases with digital media. According to the Drum

“OOH is proving to be a perfect outlet to share messages since its unaided recall rates are at 40% and DOOH at 47%, clearly surpassing mobile at 35% and TV at 22%.”

Smart Technology

All of these benefits are made possible with the help of the latest customer experience solutions. Smart technology provides stronger insights into how many people view an ad – and can even gather insights into their age, gender, and more. With these valuable digital-out-of-home advertising statistics, businesses can learn, adapt and pivot based on their target audience’s response to their displays. 

Edison Interactive has created unique customer experiences for various industries – with built-in DOOH advertising opportunities. Whether a business is looking for digital health and fitness technology, a connected vehicle platform, or even sports betting technology – our team can create an effective software that is designed to drastically improve CX and convert more users based on the latest digital-out-of-home advertising trends. 

Edison has helped companies small and large with their OOH advertising. From hospitality management platforms, to self-service display advertising, and even mobile CMS architectures,  our team has built customizable platforms for all industries.

Identifying & Leveraging Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising Trends

It goes without saying that marketing and advertising are industries that rely heavily on getting ahead of trends. Remaining ahead of digital-out-of-home advertising trends is also extremely important. Depending on the medium, getting real-time insights can be difficult and even impossible. However, with the right DOOH technology, statistics can be easily tracked and leveraged to find the next move. 

With the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were wary of big moves in the OOH space. However, in 2021 it is becoming more valuable than ever as people place more importance on out-of-home experiences. Despite a tough year in many industries, almost all market predictors are seeing and expecting growth when it comes to DOOH. This is visible through the data too – see the recent digital-out-of-home advertising statistics below. 

Following Digital-Out-Of-Home Statisticsdigital out of home advertising

Ultimately, many marketers are looking at the latest digital-out-of-home statistics and seeing the undeniable impact in the last few years. Moving forward, businesses are opting for larger DOOH advertising spend – which will likely drive serious results. Consumers are growing numb to the barrage of social media advertisements, quickly tuning out to the ads presented in their home. However, there is tremendous value in reaching people when they are in public and more open to viewing messages. 

2021 Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising Statistics 

eMarketer predicts digital-out-of-home advertising statistics on spending will also be on the rise. Increasing by approximately 4% from 2021 to 2022 – the medium will likely continue the uptick for the foreseeable future. Unsurprisingly, one of the fastest-growing elements of DOOH is programmatic software, which is becoming more and more AI driven.

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly valuable element of personalized advertising, and predictions estimate it will make up 16.4% of DOOH ad spend in 2022. This will undoubtedly rise as more companies witness the effects in upcoming digital-out-of-home advertising statistics. 

Other Important Factors

According to the Drum, there are several other factors that will impact DOOH – one being the impending cookie-less future. With more audiences opting out of tracking through cookies, the tried-and-true methods of finding target audiences are evolving. Moving forward, many advertisers see DOOH as one of the most valuable solutions to this issue. Beyond that, recall and brand recognition is much higher among OOH advertisements compared to personal methods of reaching consumers. These messages reach consumers differently than the saturated spaces on their phone – and businesses realize the need to pivot their channels. 

Creating a Holistic Strategy

Ultimately, these digital-out-of-home advertising statistics serve as insights into building a holistic advertising strategy. In the upcoming years, DOOH will help fill the gaps that are being made by increased user privacy, strategic budgeting and changes in consumer patterns and preferences. With the right technology, businesses can stay a few steps ahead and create eye-catching and highly effective advertising. 

Stay Up to Date with Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising Trends 

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