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Fleet Telematics Devices: Top Fleet Management Telematics Solutions

July 27, 2022

fleet telematics devices

Fleet telematics devices enhance customer experiences and create opportunities for massive growth for businesses. With the help of smart features, drivers and passengers can have a better experience in their vehicle, through easy navigation, safety and security tools, entertainment options, and more. Meanwhile, internal teams get access to notifications, geofencing data, and rich analytics from their customers – meaning you can make more informed decisions based on your users’ behavior. Read on to see how fleet management telematics solutions support businesses.

What Are Fleet Telematics Devices?

Fleet telematics devices are digital solutions with features that support drivers and passengers directly from a vehicle. Many businesses opt to add car telematics devices to their fleet vehicles to boost customer experiences for drivers and collect data on their customers – all of which can be used to improve services. Because there are so many industries that utilize fleet vehicles for day-to-day functions, there are several different types of car telematics devices – and tons of business benefits.

According to Mordor Intelligence,

“Integrating a telematics device into a driver management system provides up-to-date data including driver status, location and safety habits to the central administration unit.”

Benefits of Fleet Management Telematics Solutions

What are the benefits of fleet management telematics solutions? Ultimately, this technology serves as a major differentiator for your business. Having technology catered to the unique needs of your customers builds up your brand and enables customers to accomplish more right from a vehicle. Having tools and technologies that they can interact with immediately boosts their engagement with your brand, opening up a ton of new opportunities to build up your audience and increase sales.

According to Mordor Intelligence,

“The telematics market is expected to register a CAGR of 20.7% over the forecast period from 2021 to 2026. By enabling the capabilities of telecommunication and information technology, telematics is now being used across various industries for adequate transportation and logistics purposes.”

Another great opportunity through these fleet telematics devices? Eye-catching and cost-effective advertising opportunities. One of the top reasons businesses opt for fleet telematics devices is that they automatically enable easy marketing directly to their primary audience members. By using the dedicated screens your business provides, your customers gain 100% viewability on every marketing message you deploy. It can transform marketing strategies for nearly any company.

Top Car Telematics Devices

Now that you know what fleet management telematics solutions do, you can see some examples of them in action. Edison Interactive creates custom cloud content management systems for businesses around the world in numerous industries. Check out their interfaces and see how they impacted businesses in the case studies below:

In-Dash Vehicle Solution

The VinFast in-dash vehicle solution is a car telematics device with several high-end capabilities that connect directly to various vehicle functions. Drivers can adjust the vehicle temperature and seat heaters, check fuel, levels, see their lights status, and more. Meanwhile, passengers can even access entertainment options like streaming services and video, music, shopping, games, and more. This car telematics device has endless integration capabilities, allowing users to connect their Smart Home controls, order food right from their vehicle, and accomplish tons of tasks directly on their dashboard. Ultimately, this made a massive impact on user experiences and provided a sophisticated interface that gave their vehicles an edge over competitors.

View Interface

car telematics device, car dash with details

AVIS Budget Group Travel Assistant

The AVIS Travel Assistant changed the game when it comes to rental vehicle devices. With this device, customers can easily access entertainment options like music streaming, navigational tools, news feeds, and even handsfree calling and messaging. Meanwhile, your business can gather detailed insights into their user behavior, which means you can easily optimize services to better meet their needs and get the data to grow your business. After implementing the digital travel assistant in their fleet vehicles, AVIS saw over 3.5 million application hours, and 25,000 total unique rentals.

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Telematics Dashboard

Fleet management telematics solutions, like the AVIS budget group dashboard delivered unmatched insight to their business, allowing complete oversite of truck locations, revenue, customer databases, and more – all with live map tracking and detailed reporting. With solutions like this, you can understand the health of your fleet and further optimize processes so your business can create better marketing, provide cutting-edge services, and support staff, all while growing the profitability of your business.

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Connected Motorcycle App

The Panasonic OneConnect is a leading motorcycle connectivity solution that bridges a direct channel between original equipment manufacturers and customers. With this solution, motorcycle manufacturers can improve customer experience, get real-time data on their users, and boost the safety of their products. Some of the features in this solution include energy management tracking, comprehensive analytics, maintenance notifications, emergency calling, and tampering alerts. All these connect directly through the app – giving game-changing features to customers — and transformative insights to take manufacturers to the next level.

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motorcycle telematics device, motorcycle dash display

Connected Golf Car

The Shark Experience Golf Car is a fleet telematics device used in golf carts throughout north America. Customized to meet the unique needs of golfers, it provides features like an interactive scorecard, Bluetooth connectivity, music streaming, GPS yardage, live sports highlights, and golf tips. With just a tap, golfers can create a better experience for their game right from their cart. One of the best features is the DOOH advertising technology which enables businesses to easily advertise to the people in those golf carts. Now, Shark Experience exists in over 33,000 golfs cars on more than 360 courses. It fosters 1.9 billion ad impressions annually and supported over 9.9 million rounds of golf.

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White Label Fleet Telematics Devices

If your business is planning to embark on technology specifically designed for your customers, there is a lot of benefit in a white label solution, built and customized through a tried and tested cloud content management system. This not only removes the cost of ground-up software development, which is typically time consuming, expensive, and requires more testing – but also enables you to work with a team of experts to create the ideal solution. Edison Interactive is an interactive technology company that designs and develops telematics, infotainment, asset tracking, and monetization software and devices to take businesses to the next level through cutting-edge technology.

fleet management telematics solutions, car diagnostics

Let’s Discuss Your Next Car Telematics Device

Ready to start planning the ideal car telematics device for your business? Edison Interactive can help. We work with businesses in any industry and utilize our next gen cloud content management system to build transformative technology for worldwide brands. Let’s talk about the impact this can have on your customer experience. Contact us today to discuss your next solution.

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