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Programmatic Mobile Ad Platforms: What They Do and How They Work

August 23, 2022

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Programmatic mobile ad platforms are a growing market in the advertising space across industries. With more oversight on campaigns and the ability to quickly pivot advertising, many businesses are beginning to see the value in investing in technology for a competitive edge. At the end of the day, media buyers who can leverage real-time insights on performance have the tools to make cost-effective decisions and create better, more relevant experiences for their target audience.

What Are Programmatic Mobile Ad Platforms?

Programmatic mobile ad platforms are dedicated advertising software that allows businesses to manage multiple campaigns and ad inventory – often from a central admin panel. Edison Interactive’s next-generation cloud content management system (CMS) empowers highly effective advertising and increased audience engagement directly from your connected devices. According to Statistica,

“In 2021, advertisers in the United States were projected to spend nearly 106 billion U.S. dollars on programmatic digital display advertising. By 2023, expenditures are expected to increase to nearly 142 billion U.S. dollars.”

What Do Mobile Ad Platforms Do?

Businesses that leverage these platforms can bring serious success to their campaigns. So, what do programmatic mobile ad platforms do? Ultimately, the highly adaptive and unique nature of this technology has been shown to increase engagement, drive revenue, and boost visibility for your brand and content as well as your advertisers. See some of the top benefits of mobile ad platforms below.

Increase Engagement

Digital-out-of-home technology has been shown to capture the attention of audiences better than other popular forms of advertising. Unlike social media or banner advertising on personal devices, DOOH engages audiences while they are out in the world and on the go. There, they are less averse to advertising, especially when the content is relevant and catered to their needs. Edison’s connected device solutions come with fully interactive digital touch screens to entice users and elevate brand experience. Your business can boost conversions easily with surveys, sign-ups, and more. According to McKinsey and Company,

“Figuring out whether they were delivering impressions for the right price in the correct channel was an imperfect science, with many assumptions, data extrapolations, and a cottage industry of measurement solutions. Commerce media changes this by directly connecting audience impressions with omnichannel transactions and business results. By linking content and commerce, brands can better serve their customers through more relevant offers and incentives, all in a privacy-protected way.”

Drive Revenue

Ultimately, the primary goal of investing in this technology is to drive revenue, and this is where programmatic mobile ad platforms really thrive. These platforms can improve growth in multiple ways. First, in terms of advertising, you can drive sales through engaging advertising that encourages conversions and pushes your products and services. Next, you can further monetize your platform with syndicated premium content to maximize your ad space and introduce additional streams of income to your business. Edison’s platform enables you connect to major DSPs (demand side platforms) and trading desks all from one panel.

Plus, the addition of this technology to your business offerings brings a lot of value directly to your consumer. With a completely customized panel of features that cater to their needs and desires when interacting with your brand, you can boost positive associations and encourage continue engagement. Working with modern businesses that utilize high-quality tech puts your brand ahead of competitors.

100% Viewability

With mobile ad platforms like Edison Interactives’ DOOH solutions, businesses gain 100% viewability on the advertisements they deploy. That means ads can be viewed at all times, allowing for more impact, more conversions, and stronger brand recognition. This is an unbeatable offering in terms of ad space and increases awareness far more efficiently compared to other traditional forms of advertising. Ultimately, displaying your brand on these devices enables you to boost recognition and take your business to the next level with a stronger, highly adaptable, and audience specific marketing strategy.

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How Do Mobile Ad Platforms Work?

So, we know what programmatic ad platforms do, but how do they work? The major benefit to business comes in these platforms’ ease of use. They allow easier content and campaign management, real-time analytics on performance, and fraud-free advertising to ensure you never have to deal with a breech or hack. Get details on how these feature work below.

Simple Management

Technology does not benefit businesses if it’s too complex to operate. Mobile ad platforms need to enable simple, seamless management that reduces time spent overseeing campaigns. Beyond reporting insights and easy ad deployment, Edison Interactive’s admin platform comes with geo-fencing capabilities. These features truly change the game for national organizations. Separate your advertisements into pre-determined “zones” to provide highly personalized content and segment audiences for more opportunities on a global and local scale. According to McKinsey and Company,

“The ripple effect from this growth is already significant. The ability to match unique customer IDs and ad impressions to stock-keeping-unit (SKU) sales in a privacy-protected way is compressing the marketing funnel and disrupting the entire advertising ecosystem.”

Getting in on the growing value of this advertising — and the technology that enables it within nearly any industry — has the ability to bring serious revenue growth to businesses with highly tailored experiences. However, it requires agility to do it right.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Advertising analytics are the primary driver of optimization and growth. Edison Interactive’s devices come with robust reporting capabilities to give your team highly accurate data on your campaign’s performance on a minute-by-minute basis. With that information, your marketing team can gather insights on the effectiveness of advertisements and quickly deploy additional content to increase engagement. These insights allow easy pivoting without the high cost of paid media ad placement and optimizations.

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Eliminating Fraud

Ultimately, technology is only hurting your company if it is not secure. A security breach can cost companies a lot of money, so it’s important to only opt for fraud-free tech. Edison Interactives programmatic mobile ad platform includes Passenger Verification technology to eliminate fraud and ensure your customers are protected. At the end of the day, features like this protect your brand’s reputation and provide an extra layer of security to your business’ tech stack.

Leverage Programmatic Mobile Ad Platforms for Revenue

Could your business benefit from programmatic ad platforms to increase audience engagement and revenue? Edison Interactive’s custom digital solutions can help. We are a connected device platform service that creates custom, white label solutions for brands across industries. With the help of our technology, your business can achieve significant growth. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your business’ needs and start building the ideal solution for your customers.

Interested in learning more about how digital-out-of-home devices can support your business and increase revenue? Check out more from Edison Interactive’s DOOH blog.