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Technology in Hospitality Industry: Changes in Hospitality Industry

October 28, 2022

Technology in hospitality industry: Exchange between customer and cashier using smartphone

Technology in the hospitality industry has grown and developed significantly over the past several years. When it comes to process optimization, customer experience, and growth, businesses can leverage tons of tech benefits for users, employees, and stakeholders. See how businesses meet changes in the hospitality industry head-on with tech below:

Importance of Technology in Hospitality Industry

The importance of technology in the hospitality industry comes down to convenience and ease There are many ways in which technology has been developed or implemented in the hospitality industry to ensure customers have superior experiences. Tech, like integrated mobility service platforms can increase the efficiency of the business and reduce confusion and frustration for customers. Technology in the hospitality industry streamlines many processes and grants fast access to customers right at their fingertips.

Hospitality management platforms introduce solutions and open the door to new services. As advanced technology becomes more widespread, the importance of technology in the hospitality industry will create a clear competitive edge for businesses to stay ahead. More customers will come to expect this level of efficiency in the future. That’s why one of the best solutions to staff shortages or process optimization is technology that handles repetitive tasks. 

What is Hospitality Technology?

The hospitality industry is highly competitive. Changes in technology in the hospitality industry will widen the gap between competitors. Hospitality technology is a broad term used to describe the technology used to improve the overall experience for customers and streamline the business process. 

The importance of technology in the hospitality industry comes down to improved workplace efficiency and decreased errors and negative experiences. The changes in hospitality industry technology will create new opportunities and challenges, but the best path forward is through embracing connected devices to support business.

Changes in Hospitality Industry 

There are many changes in hospitality industry technologies, and it can seem challenging to stay on top of everything. However there is a ton of value in keeping up with current trends around technology in the hospitality industry. Plus, adding to your capabilities prepares your business for future growth and expansion. There are many changes in hospitality industry technologies, below are a few to pay attention to:

Connectivity Infrastructure

Reliable connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity for the hospitality industry. Guests have come to expect the ability to connect their variety of devices to a fast internet connection. Regardless of the destination, a solid Wi-Fi connection is the standard for most guests and could ultimately swing their decision. Many hospitality destinations, like hotels, used to charge high rates to grant guests access to the internet. It can be a financial commitment to switch to the expected model of offering high-speed connections for a significantly lower price or for free. 

The hospitality industry companies will need to sink a lofty investment to bolster their connection speeds and reliability to provide this service to customers. The payment is an intimidating decision, but getting ahead allows you to move past competition and provide unique perks and benefits.

Voice Control and Search

Changes in hospitality industry: Person using voice control with their phone

An emerging technology is voice recognition for search and control features on industry-specific devices. Voice recognition can ease the process of researching hotels, ordering food, or finding activities. The demand for voice recognition is on the rise as software becomes more sophisticated and everyday users understand how to use it effectively. 

In many cases, voice recognition software can control functions of a hotel room, like dimming the lights, adjusting various devices, or even contacting room service. These functionalities can decrease the wait and ordering time and simplify the user experience. Voice recognition software may not be intuitive enough for wide-scale adoption quite yet, but may be common in the average hotel room sooner than later.

NFC/Contactless Technology

Near field communication (NFC) technology fuels the contactless communication process for many customers and vendors. Tapping a credit card or smartphone enables you to pay for products or services securely and instantly. Now, many customers will only carry their smartphones rather than a wallet. Contactless technology streamlines the payment process and is accessible to most. This technology can personalize and secure a user’s experience within the hospitality industry. For example, your smartphone can become your hotel room key to simplify the check-in and room entry process. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is a trend that influences many industries at once. The technology has yet to reach its full potential and is still in an experimental phase in most industries like hospitality. This tool can expand your reach as your space can be staged for potential customers around the world. For the hospitality industry, virtual tours have become an extremely popular and powerful tool to introduce yourself and your services to different customers. Virtual tours can be viewed at anytime and anywhere, increasing the accessibility of the product.

Augmented reality more accessible than virtual reality as it can only require the use of a smartphone. This technology enhances the real world through information overlays. The potential for this technology has yet to be fully realized in the hospitality industry and is more untapped than virtual reality. The possibilities are endless and can be designed in a way to match the wants of customers.

AI and Robotics

The future of many hospitality industries is the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. These tools will greatly streamline all aspects of the customer experience. Staff can become overwhelmed with constantly monitoring channels to satisfy customers around the clock. AI and robotics create a platform in which customers can interact with a system to find a solution without even engaging with another human. 

An exciting piece of technological innovation is the design of robots for the hospitality industry. These can aid in concierge roles, vacuuming and sanitization, and delivering items to guests. Many possibilities have yet to be explored by the use of robots but would be a highly requested feature for the hospitality industry. 

Smart Guest Features

Importance of technology in hospitality industry: Smart features displayed on a smartphone that controls features of the room

Being able to adapt and predict the future is an important task for the hospitality industry. For example, new technology can accommodate returning guests based on past data and usage. This technology can automate many interactions, such as checking in, and learn and adapt to fit new scenarios. Customers achieve more control over their preferences and eliminate time spent in the configuration process.

Location-Based Services

Customization plays an important role in many interactions with the hospitality industry. Location-based services help promote customization as collected data offers the most appropriate recommendations. Guests can find information about their location to determine what they need most.

Adapt to the Changes in Hospitality Industry Technology

Technology in hospitality: graphic showing different components of technology

Knowing what will be valuable in the future of the hospitality industry is almost impossible to predict. The services and technologies of today are vulnerable to change. The best way to protect your competitiveness is to get ahead. Learn how you can better prepare for the technology of the future with Edison Interactive. We can help you learn the importance of technology in the hospitality industry. The possibilities are endless and open the door to new ways for the hospitality industry to manage customer relations.

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