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Integrated Mobility Service Platform: Mobile CMS Architecture

December 20, 2021

mobility service platform An integrated mobility service platform is designed to enhance customer experiences in planes, trains, and automobiles. With the right technology, businesses can access seamless asset tracking and telematics, simple monetization through digital-out-of-home media (DOOH media), and infotainment. Edison Interactive specializes in building customized mobile content management system architectures that transform the capabilities of businesses and their end-users.

Mobile Content Management System Architectures

Mobile content management system architectures provide a foundation to make a bigger impact with your business’ end-user devices. With built-in digital assistants and screens, users can interact with your business and brand throughout their customer journey – and greatly improve revenue with additional sales opportunities and strategic advertising placements.

Top Benefits of an Integrated Mobility Service Platform

What are the other value-adds for a integrated mobility service platform? Edison Interactive’s next generation mobility service platform uses Verizon 4G LTE and comes in a secure, scalable cloud-based architecture. See the features and benefits that transform processes internally and for end-users.

Pure Cloud Architecture

Edison’s pure-cloud architecture enables seamless management, updates, and optimizations to devices around the world with our management platform. This delivers real-time insights to businesses and allows for you to manage network health and screen diagnostics from an internal control panel. It also enables users to deploy content to all your devices from anywhere.

Customized Content

Whether you are interested in making content updates frequently, deploying advertisements, or providing promotions and other information to your end users, Edison Interactive’s integrated mobility platform enable it all from your administrative platform. Use geofencing capabilities to reach the right audiences at the right time, and leverage data and analytics insights to hone and improve your messages for maximum impact.

White Label Solutions

Tailor your solution to the branding and needs for your organization. With our framework, and customization tools, your business can leverage best-in-class technology to improve customer experiences and bring your business into the digital age. With the help of our mobile content management system architecture, you can deliver amazing value to the end user.

Access Valuable Sales and Analyticsintegrated mobility platform

With the help of a mobile content management system architecture, businesses can collect real-time data on the actions end users are taking. This not only improves the ability to boost revenue (by unlocking additional sales opportunities and serving relevant advertisements), but also leads to better experiences for customers (through identifying shortfalls in services and resolving them before they become an issue).

Featured Integrated Mobility Platforms by Edison Interactive

Interested to see how some of these products work in practice? Or the impact they have made for businesses throughout the country? Check out some of the most popular integrated mobility service platforms designed by Edison Interactive and discover how they have transformed experiences for our partners and their customers below.

Shark Experience Presented by Verizon

The Shark Experience presented by Verizon is an integrated mobility platform the enhances experiences on the golf course through connected golf cars. This golf technology includes high-definition touch screen displays with built in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, game-play features by golf pro, Greg Norman, and more. Plus, with added DOOH advertising technology features, golf cars can display interactive and engaging advertisements – increasing revenue for businesses with marketing delivered directly to their users.

Now, Shark Experience screens are featured on over 33,000 golf cars and 360 golf courses throughout the United States. With that comes over 9.9 million rounds of golf played with the platform, and over 1.9 billion advertising impressions annually.

Avis Budget Group Digital Travel Assistant

Another integrated mobility service platform by Edison Interactive is the Avis Budget Group Digital Travel Assistant. This is an all-in-one solution that has been featured in Avis rental cars throughout North America. Interactive screens enhance the customer experience for users by displaying advance GPS, unlimited international talk and text, wireless hotspots for up to five devices – as well as entertainment, translation tools, social media, and even local attractions identification.

Internally, this solution has transformed processes for businesses like Avis, who now have rich insights into their end users — allowing them to optimize their services to better meet their needs. GPS tracking also allows them to gain information on where their fleet is, and where their rental cars are heading. With more information into their cars’ whereabouts, they can provide more accurate, data-driven services to their customers. Plus, with DOOH advertising features, they can earn increased revenue and upsell other products throughout the rental lifecycle.

Chef Artie

Getting hungry? Chef Artie is Edison’s advanced food ordering Kiosk. It enables food service businesses to streamline ordering processes, reducing the need for staffing and training. From a customer experience standpoint, end-users receive easy upsells, enabling businesses to earn more from every order. Progress tracking give customers insights into where their order is on the preparation journey – available right through their mobile device. Other important features like mobile ordering and payment allow users to avoid lines and get in and out with their food faster,

Advertise additional products effortlessly, through the engaging interactive screen. It comes on a 50-inch touchscreen display, complete with digital menus and item customization, so you can tailor your experience to your unique brand and products. Inventory is managed automatically, and payments are done directly through the system, making the turnaround within an establishment faster and more efficient so you can service more satisfied customers.

mobile content management systemBettorview Live

Bettorview Live is an interactive sports betting and video conferencing platform that is designed to increase engagement and improve at-home live sports event viewing. With interactive game feeds, private meeting rooms, food delivery access, and social media feeds, it is a one-stop-shop for everything users need to watch a game with ultimate entertainment. It is essentially a digital watch party right at your fingertips – and it’s all done with Edison technology.

The Bettorview Live admin panel is a white labeled version of the Edison Interactive’s content delivery and device management platform.  From the admin perspective, game feeds can be fully managed and updated when necessary. Advertisements can be deployed, and internal users can access data and analytics, as well as user management tools. With complete access to everything needed to navigate users and their experience, they can boost sales, increase time spent on the platform, and improve their customer experiences.

Integrated Mobility Platforms for Your Needs

Integrated mobility platforms by Edison interactive are ultimately designed to provide an all-in-one solution that advances the capabilities of your business. Tailored to deliver the branding, features, and capabilities that will enhance customer success – this mobile content management system architecture brings immense value to business to your team and to your customers.

Find Your Customized Integrated Mobility Platform

Ready to start strategizing for an integrated mobility platform that meets the needs of your business? Edison Interactive can help. Collaborate with our team through the design and discovery phase – outlining the user journey, application infrastructure, and features that enhance customer experiences for your end users. Contact our interactive technology company today to start the process.