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Tips: How to Avoid Burnout while WFH

May 27, 2020

In the U.S., most of the states have lifted the self-quarantine mandate and businesses are slowly opening their doors. However, for many companies working remotely has become a new reality—and it’s certainly one that takes getting used to. Knowing how to avoid burnout while WFH is not easy and can take some time. The work from home burnout has affected many during an unprecedented time. 

Work From Home Burnout Remedies

Here are some tips on how to avoid working from home burnout:

Divide and Conquer

Divide your home into zones; work zone, kid zone, chill zone, etc. Creating zones will help your brain understand where ‘work’ is and where your ‘chill’ zone is, e.g. the comfy couch. This helps prevent burnout due to work from home schedules and routines. This is the first tip on how to avoid burnout while working from home as it can help segment your home into working space and relaxation space.

Fun in the Sun

Some people may feel isolated and lonely while working from home. Be sure to get out and enjoy the warm summer months ahead – even if it’s only for 10 minutes. The extra Vitamin D will help and you won’t start to exhibit seasonal affective disorder. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated which causes fatigue, headaches and lack of productivity —remember to hydrate! Working from home burnout can lead to neglecting time outside, but it’s very important to prevent burnout and maintain healthy habits.


This doesn’t mean to move out-of-state or the country, simply take breaks to get your blood circulating. You don’t want your body to start moving into the atrophy phase. If you have experienced burnout due to work from home schedules, this is a very easy tip to implement. Moving around helps alleviate the work from home burnout as you take some time to flex your muscles and move away from the screen.


Create a morning and evening routine. Some days may feel like it’s groundhog day, but having a set routine helps reduce decision fatigue and burnout. This also includes dressing up for the part (no, not the PJs). Shower and dress like you were going to the office. The work from home burnout can create lazy habits that will be hard to break to return to the office or remain productive.


Communicate with your team or teammates using a video conferencing platform like EdisonLive. It’s important to collaborate with others in order to stay productive (and sane). Video conferencing is helpful when you need to see a face, but using other business communication platforms like Slack enables team sharing and collaboration. If you need the basics, there’s always Google Chat. This is one of the most important tips on how to avoid burnout while WFH as it helps break down the barrier of being out of the office and away from your teams. The burnout due to work from home schedules can be remedied effectively when you break down the technological barriers separating co-workers.

How to avoid burnout: DJ plays a show behind a DJ bench

Adapting: How to Avoid Burnout

In addition to having to avoid WFH burnout, many small businesses are having to move their businesses online in order to stay connected to customers. For instance, Shoebox Moses, a full-stack performance DJ, utilizes EdisonLive, a video conferencing platform, to share his live performances with audiences across the world. For Shoebox Moses, he’ll be able to once again take his show on the road soon.

Other types and sizes of businesses and companies, however, have decided not to have employees return to the workplace, which means working from home not only is the new reality, it is indefinite. We hope the tips we have provided have been helpful. If you would like to generate revenue or simply stay connected to your customers and the ones you love for FREE, visit EdisonLive for more information.
Learn how Edison Interactive can Help: Working from Home Burnout

Working from home burnout has affected many and may continue in a hybrid format. Learn from Our Work and how we advance companies with technology solutions in addition to how to avoid burnout. View our fleet telematics devices and hospitality management platform to see how we can help you.

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