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What is the Future of Connected Vehicles?

October 13, 2022

Connected vehicles: Cars driving on the highway communicating with one another

Connected vehicles, like connected devices, are set to transform the world. Connected vehicle services is a growing industry that is advancing technology and the way people interact with the world. Drivers and passengers can enjoy the push for the growth in car connection. Driving can become safer and more productive with this new technology, whether it is for a cross-country road trip or bussing cargo along the highway.


What are Connected Vehicle Services?

Technology has enabled many aspects of the world to be more connected. Social media platforms can connect people from all over the world, so why not provide connected vehicle services? Fleet telematics devices provide connected vehicle optimization solutions for drivers to customize their experience. Furthermore, drivers will feel more comfortable and in control of their vehicle.

These solutions behind car connection empower drivers to have more control on the road by equipping them with communication tools. These tools to improve connected vehicle services provide all drivers with a way to improve their daily commute through traffic. Connected vehicle optimization solutions are developing to ease the headache of navigating through crowded streets. Learn how to understand the connected car industry. With the growing industry, difficulties can arise following the trends which makes it important to understand the direction and possibilities.


Benefits of Connected Vehicles

The technology surrounding self-driving vehicles and those to enable car connection have been shown to intrigue consumers for many reasons. Not only are drivers benefiting from these innovations, but rideshares have also implemented this technology to drastically improve the experience. The benefits may not seem obvious right away, but our technology has flourished to highlight these benefits along with the growth in the industry.


Many studies have shown the various impacts and benefits of connected vehicle services. Those studies provide exciting results for what a future of driving looks like for many around the world. Undoubtably, the technology is still being developed and tested, so there is room for growth and benefits to uncover. Some of those benefits are:



Dashboard Technology

Car connection: Futuristic concept for a dashboard in a car

​​An essential component of any modern vehicle is providing a useful dashboard. Equipping the driver with various information about the performance and state of the vehicle is a crucial component to dashboard technology. Drivers know their current speed, whether they need to change their oil, or if the vehicle needs repair. These tools are customizable with connected vehicle optimization solutions. Learn about an example.

The current dashboard technology has been stagnant and connected vehicles would drive innovation for change. These changes will help provide more information to drivers. Drivers will be able to make better decisions with ample information at their fingertips. The possibilities are endless and can also improve current heads-up display systems to be more practical and informative.

A customizable and connected dashboard can help drivers focus on the essentials of driving while providing adequate and proper safety information. Car connection through dashboards can allow drivers to communicate more effectively and efficiently to benefit all the drivers around them. In addition, drivers will feel more protected while driving and ease the travel.


Improved Safety

Through the power of connected devices, connected vehicle services can be better equipped with resources to improve safety. The connection between drivers and vehicles can reduce accidents through the optimization of lane changes, right of way, and other aspects of driving. A car connection service to a greater operating system will enable more intelligent driving. 

A connected vehicle optimization is the use of cameras and sensors to achieve 360° awareness. Hazards and potentially dangerous situations can be more easily detected and drivers can be informed with in-car notifications. This capability can improve covering a blind spot and prevent accidents surrounding merging.

Another implementation is alerting drivers to changes in road conditions ahead. Warnings about entering a school zone or work zone to reduce speed can display before they enter these reduced speed zones. Connected vehicles can easily communicate dangerous driving and inform you more efficiently if someone has run a red light or driving erratically. Not only will drivers benefit from connected vehicles, but pedestrians and cyclists can rest assured that their prioritized safety. These systems consider the surrounds and safety of others.


Environmentally Friendly

Connected vehicle optimization: electric vehicle charging with wind turbines in the background

Connected vehicle services can provide real-time data about traffic conditions and emission rates. This data will help improve congestion control through optimized traffic lights and the most efficient route. In-vehicle technology like the dashboard connect to a network to improve access to information about road conditions. 

Drivers can receive real-time information from the habits of other drivers to learn how to drive a more environmentally friendly route to reduce their emissions. These benefits will reduce the overall usage of fuel, whether it is gasoline, electric, or an alternative fuel source, and save the driver money over time.

Reducing congestion and emissions is crucial as the population increases and metropolitan areas and cities become home to more drivers. Communication between vehicles will reduce traffic congestion by offering alternative routes and understanding road conditions. Efficiency is a key selling point to connected vehicles as more advanced calculations between vehicles conduct at every moment. Clearly, the environmentally benefits will be a motivating factor for many to adapt to the changes and regulations throughout the world.


Improved User Experience

Providing connected vehicle optimization services to drivers provides ample benefits for drivers from a user experience perspective. Many aspects of the driving experience allow customization and optimization to reduce distractions while providing the necessary information. Implementing digital advertising screen software can provide personalized and targeted messages.

If drivers know these only use certain features in their vehicles, they can customize their dashboard or center console to be home to key features. A car connection service provides the ability for vehicles to communicate and present the necessary information for drivers. Providing the essentials for drivers will enable them to feel more in control of their environment as they prepare to reach their destinations.

This technology is only limited to improving the user experience of the driver but also the passengers in the vehicle. Passengers will be able to more intuitively understand the functionality of the vehicle. Presets loaded from vehicle to vehicle can reduce the learning curve of being a driver or passenger in a new vehicle. Moreover, the ability to customize the presets from beyond your vehicle to add to the convenience.


Automobile Innovation

The technology is new and growing for a future with connected vehicles. Pushing for change will only lead to innovation with various trials to improve the technology and provide what consumers need. With this technology being new and not fully implemented, there is tremendous room for growth that will benefit millions of drivers around the world.

With the evolution of the technology, automobiles will also change to adapt to connected vehicles and understand the best ways to implement the technology. Innovations will only reinforce all the points above and spark new benefits. There will be challengers to your own products to force you to pivot or innovate, creating a lucrative cycle with the unveiling of new products. Above all, the innovation will lead to more benefits than expected.


Be Prepared for the Future of Automobiles

Connected vehicle services: cars driving on the highway while communicating

With a constantly changing environment in the world of automobiles, Edison Interactive is preparing for this reality. There are countless opportunities for businesses to integrate their technology messages into the world of connected vehicles. Learn the digital out-of-home advertising trends to stay ready for the next massive innovation. The benefits of connected vehicles provide opportunities for businesses to create stronger connections to customers with personalized and customized messages. Stay informed on the digital out-of-home advertising trends and statistics to remain competitive and adapt to a technologically advancing industry.


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