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Digital Advertising Screen Software: Leveling Up Marketing Capabilities

January 27, 2022

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Digital advertising screen software provides a platform to customize and optimize your marketing opportunities. With the help of digital display software, businesses provide an integrated mobility platform that improves customer experiences and grabs the attention of users for lucrative sales opportunities. See some of the features that make digital signage advertising software highly effective below.

Digital Display Software Features for Any Industry

Unique Inventory

Edison Interactive delivers a white labeled digital display software, tailored to the unique needs of any industry. It is designed for complete versatility, allowing businesses to customize their inventory and request features and applications that meet the needs of their audience. This solution draws in users to interact with your brand more – opening the door for targeted advertising directly on your custom platform. Businesses around the world have harnessed the power of marketing through digital advertising screen software, creating a space to increase their brand’s presence for consumers, as well as introduce more upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

With the help of Edison, products like the Shark Experience Golf Car can thrive in their specific industry. Shark Experience presented by Verizon is a digital advertising screen that improves golf games right from the player’s golf car. Deployed in over 33,000 vehicles around the country, this screen includes dynamic GPS yardage, an interactive scorecard, live sports highlights, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. With so many unique features catered to the game of golf, users find immense value in engaging with their screens – which not only improves their experience with the brand but has also resulted in over 1.9 billion annual ad impressions.


Reporting Capabilities

One of the biggest game-changers earned through digital display software is the extensive reporting capabilities. Because these systems are customized to your business’ needs, you control the data collected – and you can use it to improve your marketing. Home in on what does and does not work for your viewers and pivot to the new strategies as needed. Get detailed rundowns of your engagement analytics and conversions earned through advertising messages. Or, run user testing to try out a new marketing strategy. Ultimately, it allows you to have complete control over your DOOH advertising, without having to worry about burning through a media budget.

Secure Devices

One of the largest complications businesses face with digital display software is the ongoing presence of security threats and fraud. With the help of our secure, pure-cloud architecture, and features like user verification, you can rest assured that your customers are the ones using your devices. Edison software includes a security credential management system, which is used to secure V2X messages from potential misuse by attaching a digital credential (similar to that used for credit cards and financial transactions) to each message sent between devices. That way, you know every interaction is completely protected.

Geo-Fencing Tools

Geo-fencing serves a few purposes for businesses using digital display software. Whether you have stationary devices located around the world, or screens in cars that are constantly on the move, you can send out advertisements to specific spots with ease. As one of the top GPS fleet tracking companies, these Edison features allow advertisements to deploy to fleet vehicles around the country and the globe with cutting-edge tracking capabilities. “Zoning” your advertising messages to specific areas allows you to market precisely and get better results for location-specific audiences, as well as launch regional campaigns.

Technology like this has made a massive impact for brands like AVIS Budget Group. With the implementation of the Digital Travel Assistant, their advertising reached vehicles throughout the continent. AVIS is a rental car company that installed Edison’s digital screens in their rental vehicles. With this technology, customers were able to easily access GPS, entertainment options, streamlined communication, and more. With over 3.4 million combined application hours, their users found immense value in these screens – and with the eyes and ears of their target audience, AVIS was able to provide plenty of upsell and advertising opportunities that enhanced their sales — even after the cars left the lot.

Increased Engagement

By looking at digital-out-of-home advertising statistics, businesses can gather that this form of advertising is highly effective in increasing engagement within brands. Fully interactive digital touch screens encourage users to use your products more and in turn, engage with your brand more. Features like games, surveys, sign-ups, and other tasks keep people on your platform, and elevate consumers’ experience with your brand. Plus, with increased engagement comes more views for ads and other content that your business deploys.

digital display softwareProducts like Bettorview Live provide extremely engaging entertainment for users, making advertising simple and effective. Bettorview Live is an interactive sports betting platform that allows users to place bets, make video calls, and send messages throughout games – enabling a watch party from nearly anywhere. Features like game feeds, private meeting rooms, food delivery, and social media connectivity keep players on the platform, and ensure their eyes are on the screen for increased marketing opportunities. Internally, their admin panel has access to rooms for easy management – and the interface collects data and analytics to optimize their user experience and improve their advertising.

Complete Viewability

When users interact with your digital advertising screen software, ad viewability is guaranteed 100% of the time – and can be seen throughout their experience with your product. This ensures that the messages your marketing team crafts get seen by consumers – increasing your brand’s awareness and boosting the likelihood of additional sales. Unlike other forms of advertising, digital-out-of-home media (like content featured on digital advertising screen software), is much more successful in getting the attention of audiences. It is a form of ambient advertising that is not intrusive, but highly consumable.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Advertising Screen Software

Digital advertising screen software is a powerful tool for businesses looking to take the next step to enhance their customer experience. Not only do these screens provide numerous benefits that make processes easier for users, but they also act as a powerful marketing machine. Deploying digital signage advertising software delivers a secure and effective advertising platform that users want to interact with – which leads to happier customers and a strong return on investment. Plus, with the help of an interactive software company like Edison Interactive, your product can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Customize Your Digital Display Software for Business’ Advertising

Looking for a digital signage advertising software tailored to your brand? Edison Interactive can help. With our solutions, businesses can not only boost sales through DOOH advertising opportunities, but also improve customer experiences through engaging interactive features that add value. Plus, with the help of data-driven reporting, your business has the insights to make better predictions and facilitate growth.

Check out our customer success stories to see how Edison has helped businesses increase their customer engagement and improve their marketing. Plus, get the full story of how we developed devices that enabled business growth for brands like AVIS, Shark Experience presented by Verizon, and Bettorview Live.

Contact Edison Interactive today to get all your questions answered and start planning the future of your business and marketing.