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White Label Technology Solutions: Benefits for Businesses

September 30, 2022


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White label technology solutions provide efficient and effective tools to enhance customer experiences. Many businesses struggle to keep up with the demand for custom technology that meets the needs of their target audiences. At a certain phase of growth, it can be extremely beneficial to create technology catered to their unique processes. However, the cost and time that goes into creating a completely new solution puts a pause on many initiatives. White label technology products provide a path to create custom technology for your business without the cost or time associated with a top-to-bottom product build. 

What Are White Label Technology Solutions?

Forbes defines these solutions as, “A fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another. White label products and services are purchased by the latter company without branding. That way, the reseller can customize the product with their own brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with the reseller. Meanwhile, the manufacturer can focus on finding cost-effective ways to make the product, without concern for the product’s marketing.” 

Essentially, white label technology solutions are products created by a third party that specializes in building digital experiences. Typically, the “white label” aspect refers to the ability to use this technology and apply your business’ unique branding. Depending on the product, businesses can leverage white label technology solutions, like a network of screens to simplify purchasing, support customer service, provide entertainment options, or anything in between. Edison Interactive builds white label technology solutions that allow brands to manage, optimize, and monetize their network of screens within a single cloud content management system (CMS). 

Benefits of White Label Technology Products

So, what are the benefits of white label technology products like Edison’s content management system? Ultimately, it’s the ability to manage, optimize, and monetize your network of screens. But what does that mean, and what features allow you to accomplish those tasks better than your current processes? Discover the business advantages of modern white label technology products below:


If your business invests in customer experience technology, overseeing that network of screens must be simple and intuitive. With cutting-edge CMS technology, admins can seamlessly manage and enhance the content displayed to their audience. Edison’s white label technology products empower your team to deploy and even swap out personalized content. Specific users and demographics receive content that speaks to their unique needs. 

Screens are customizable with different themes, layouts, and functionalities to best suit your audience behaviors – or even change based off the time of day. Those targets can also be grouped into different buckets based on their geographic region, property, and beyond. Building a solid content and marketing plan is easy with simple content scheduling and alerts. Ultimately, the ability to view and manage everything at a high level allows you to make more informed and impactful decisions. 


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Building successful customer experience requires you to look at their behaviors and analytics. Without insights into how they respond to your current strategies, you cannot improve or grow. That’s why reporting is a key element to cutting-edge CMS white label technology products. Edison’s solution allows you to get to know your audience, what they respond to, and what they do not like through detailed reports and user data. Access to business intelligence empowers your team to make better decisions, while the customizable admin system allows them to touch on exactly what they need to succeed.  


At the end of the day, adding this solution to your tech stack must create return on investment. With the help of digital signage software companies, monetization is easy through a cutting-edge CMS with DOOH advertising technology. But what does DOOH mean? DOOH, or digital-out-of-home refers to advertising that takes place outside of the home – meaning out on the street, in stores, or anywhere in the world. This form of advertising is considered one of the most powerful. It cuts through the noise people see every day on their personal devices and engages them differently. 

Employing DOOH on your network of screens allows you to not only better market your brand on your own devices, but also drive direct revenue with syndicated advertisements. A cloud-based content management system turns your cost center into a profit enter, reducing operational costs, and driving revenue with personalized marketing that directly targets your audience members. 

Case Studies: Creating Better Customer Experiences

Curious how this CMS technology has worked for businesses in the past? Edison Interactive connects businesses in numerous industries with the ideal white label solutions for their internal needs and customer base. See some case studies and customer success stories of technology employed Edison Interactive below:

Shark Experience

Overview: The Shark Experience Golf Cart is a golf technology solution that engages golfers through a connected screen right in their golf car. Features include interactive scorecards, Bluetooth connectivity, music streaming, live sports highlights, news, golf tips, and dynamic GPS yardage. Admins can oversee and manage total rounds played, car locations, food and beverage orders, advertising, as well as the overall health of their network of screens. 


  • 33,000 connected cars in North America
  • 1.9 billion ad impressions annually
  • 9.9 million+ rounds of golf played 

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AVIS Budget Group

Using a digital travel assistant as white label technology products

Overview: The AVIS Budget Group digital travel assistant is an interactive screen included in rental cars that empowers better experiences through cutting-edge technology. These fleet telematics devices include features like unlimited international talk and text, GPS navigation, audio and video streaming, games and entertainment, Google Translate, social media, local attractions and more. On the admin end, their team accesses GPS device tracking, inventory management, corporate communications modules, OTA updates, content management, and cutting-edge reporting.


  • 25,000+ rentals
  • 236+ locations internationally
  • 1.5 million+ application hours

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At the end of the day, white label technology products enable your business to create better customer experiences, and simultaneously increase revenue through your network of screens. According to Forbes

“White label solutions can help you utilize your business’s unique branding to offer a product or service without investing in infrastructure or technology creation around the solution. The result: You can focus on building your brand and selling your services while simplifying the conversion path for your customers.”

Take Advantage of White Label Technology Solutions

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Is your business searching for solutions to improve customer experience, engage audiences and increase revenue? Edison Interactive’s cloud content management system can help your team accomplish goals and get more out of your network of screens. We are an interactive technology company that builds custom solutions based on your audience’s needs. We help you build the ideal experience to grow your business. Get in touch with our team to discuss your brand’s needs and empower better outcomes with interactive technology.