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How AI Can Improve Customer Experience: AI and Customer Experience

October 31, 2022

How ai can improve customer experience: woman interacts with augmented reality shopping display

Machine learning is a growing resource across industries, leading many businesses wondering how AI can improve customer experience for their audiences. AI and customer experience go hand in hand innately in certain fields. It’s quickly seeping into less assuming areas like hospitality, fitness, entertainment, transportation, sports, and nearly any other industry you can imagine. But why is adoption of this technology happening so fast? Ultimately, it comes down to its game-changing effectiveness. Businesses who prioritize innovation understand that they need to leverage machine learning to improve customer experience and gain a competitive edge in upcoming years.

AI and Customer Experience: What Happens

When AI and customer experience become a priority in your technology strategy, it can holistically improve processes and drive sales. Ultimately, providing your customers with tech solutions improves the efficiency of your brand, both internally and from the customer perspective, making more opportunity to delight your target audience. According to Forbes,

“There is an incredible amount of data available, and businesses are looking for ways to not only extract insights from the data but also automate processes to make utilization of the data more efficient. It is the overwhelming amount of available techniques, data and compute capability that is driving us beyond the Information Age and into the Intelligence Revolution, where we are today.”

Essentially, there is so much to learn and improve from new technology. Businesses must take initiative and implement it to stay ahead and reap the benefits.

The Impact of Machine Learning in Customer Experience

AI and customer experience: graphic showing computer chip with lights in the shape of a brian

The impact of merging machine learning in customer experience presents itself across various aspects of business. Internally, it automates many tasks that take up time and employee resources to perform manually. Customer experience becomes streamlined when they can utilize a device for tasks that used to require an in-person administrator to facilitate.

When it comes to security, the consolidation of technology for various tasks closes the doors to potential breaches (combined with the latest and most secure software). Personalized experiences enhance the overall likability and customization of a brand based on their audience. Finally, you can also support your bottom line through marketing and upsell efforts right on devices that your customers interact with.

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience

So, what are the deciding factors pushing businesses to invest in this technology? There are several things to consider when selecting the right integrated mobility service platform. If you’re wondering how AI can improve customer experience, see some of the top benefits leading businesses to incorporate machine learning in CX below:

Automating Internal Tasks

In many industries, updating tech does not take priority among leadership. However, with the advancement of AI and customer experience, there are many opportunities to improve the performance of employees through machine learning. Automation simplifies tasks like making reservations, recommending nearby offerings, and upselling products and services. It ends up being a great value add for expedient service to clients — but can also improve experiences for your employees who can thrive with the right tools. Their time can then be dedicated to other tasks for ultimate efficiency within your teams.

Streamlining Customer Experience

AI makes managing the needs of customers simpler. For example, in the hospitality industry, many services commonly handled by real people had limits. A hotel concierge could only work so many hours in a day – and even when they’re available, they might have a long line of people waiting to get a hold of them. An AI-powered hospitality management platform can address the issue with a few simple features. Meanwhile, in travel industries, introducing personalized entertainment is a major benefit to customers who may spend hours in planes, trains, and automobiles. Options like high-quality in-flight entertainment bring a ton of value to customers, while presenting upsell opportunities (and improving their opinions of your brand). According to Forbes,

“In an increasingly digital world and with hybrid and remote work becoming the new standard, customer loyalty is harder to secure than ever. However, taking advantage of intelligent automation can power the next phase of CX and put companies in a better position to support customers. Pushing the boundaries of innovation will become absolutely critical to continue advancing further and unlocking new opportunities.”

Improving Business Security

Machine learning to improve customer experience: man using laptop with augmented reality security symbols

Often, the fractional aspect of business technology puts entire organizations at risk. So many security breaches are born out of outdated, overcomplicated, and unmaintained technology, along with the lack of oversight of sensitive information like logins. With secure cloud content management systems, you can easily manage a network of screens from a single admin panel for ultimate oversight on device health. Robust mobile device tracking capabilities allows managers to know the location of every device within your network, and in turn they can track inventory, reboot, and lock devices anytime, from anywhere.

Delivering Personalized Experiences

A lot of businesses utilize technology to support CX, but how does it actively enhance their experience with your brand? If this isn’t a major focus for your organization, chances are there is a tech-focused competitor who has an edge. Today, AI and customer experience must go hand and hand because it is what modern consumers associate with high quality, innovative brands. It also comes with tons of potential for monetization. Digital-out-of-home, or DOOH advertising technology can use persona-specific data to deliver personalized advertising to the most relevant audiences through programmatic mobile ad platforms. Catering your messaging to the right people increases conversions and results in better outcomes for businesses.

Supporting the Bottom Line

Finally, implementing machine learning and customer experience can actively support the bottom line through personalized marketing that speaks directly to your audience. Knowing the values and behaviors of your audience through technology can directly inform your marketing strategy. Automation allows your business to deploy the most relevant content to the audiences that care the most so you can optimize your advertising. Plus, strategic upsells based on your customers’ needs allows you to provide the most value every time they engage with your technology and brand.

Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Customer Experience

Machine learning in customer experience: smart phone camera detecting different vendors on a city street

So, how can your business leverage machine learning to improve customer experience holistically? At the end of the day, finding the right AI-powered IoT solution can solve a massive number of customer experience challenges. With cutting-edge machine learning, your team gains insights, optimizes processes, and delivers services that give you a competitive edge.

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience: See for Yourself

If you’re wondering how AI can improve customer experience, schedule a session with the Edison Interactive team to discuss how our AI-powered cloud content management systems can support your customer experience strategy. Edison Interactive is an interactive technology company that creates custom, white label technology solutions for businesses. With the help of machine learning, you can build up your CX strategy to grow your business. Get in touch with Edison today to start the conversation.